About Marie

 She has helped elite, professional and amateur athletes go beyond their personal best and achieve maximum performance in their respective sport.

Marie is also a highly sought after advisor to some of the most respected food and nutritional supplement companies in American and Europe.  She has formulated products, developed marketing materials and provided media communications exposure through TV, radio and public speaking.

Marie is also an accomplished researcher with regular contributions to popular press magazines such as Muscle & Fitness Hers and FitnessRx for Women, as well as industry publications.  She is the co-editor of a forthcoming Human Kinetics textbook on Sports Nutrition.

Ms. Spano’s BS degree is in Exercise and Sports Science from the University of North Carolina, Greensboro and MS is in

5 thoughts on “About Marie”

  1. My God – This could have been me writing this. It sounds just like me. I’ve not dropped 50lbs but I’ve been working out for the better of 25yrs and have not learned how to let go of the “diet” mentality. I’m working with a trainer right now and my goal is to get as lean as my body will comfortable take me while eating a good clean diet. I don’t want to be a carb-a-phobic any longer I just want to eat healthy clean diet.

  2. Hello Marie Spano

    Thank you for your segment on WBTV on Sunday morning. Unfortunately I missed the supplement that was recommended for bad knees. Could you please give me that information. Thank you again.

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