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Are you looking to change your physique or maximize your performance?  We can help.  Marie Spano has worked with everyone from the recreational athlete to the professional football player and can help you feel better, look great and enhance your health.  Ms. Spano has experience working with clients interested in weight loss, improving their cardiovascular risk factors and enhancing their athletic performance. 

Ms. Spano works with clients one-on-one in the Washington, DC area and Atlanta, GA.  In addition, she has counseled clients throughout the United States and abroad via email and phone.  Online counseling is a very effective way to achieve your goals with continued support and follow-up.  Click on Contact Us to find out more and inquire about prices. 


Marie offers the following services: 
  • Meal planning created specifically with your favorite foods (pre-game, post-game, in/off season)
  • Diet analysis
  • Individual counseling
  • Food allergy and chemical sensitivity testing (Alcat) 
  • Guidance on the proper use of legal, efficacious, NSF certified supplements
  • Cross-referencing food-drug interactions
  • Training table development
  • Work with team or personal chef to ensure they are preparing meals that meet the athletes total calories needs, macronutrient & micronutrient needs and any specific health concerns
  • Body composition testing (Lange skin fold calipers)
  • Metabolic rate testing (BodyGem and/or Medgem)
  • Grocery store tours
  • Team/group talks


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