Control Your Appetite with this Weight-loss Elixir

Hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent on weight loss every year. And while some people win the battle of the bulge, many end up frustrated with a burning desire to throw their deluxe scale down the several flights of stairs they walk up everyday (with their pedometer on of course).

But, I’m going to tell you a secret. Weight loss doesn’t have to be that hard. Especially if you don’t measure yourself by pounds and ounces on a daily basis. There are many things you can do that add up over time and are guaranteed to work. And one of them is a magic potion that will you shed pounds, look and feel better. According to a study presented at the 240th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, two ounces of this potent potion, when taken before meals, will help you lose weight.

And folks, this drink is free. In fact, it comes right out of the faucets throughout your house. Yep, I’m talking about plain old water. Brenda Davy, PhD, RD and her team conducted the first randomized controlled intervention trial examining water consumption and weight loss. They found that those who drank water before each meal 3 times per day lost more weight than those who didn’t.

In the quest for a fab figure, don’t overlook the obvious. And, keep in mind that relying solely on weight loss pills or gimicky programs may make you forget the things you could be doing every day to lose weight. If you don’t like plain water, try a zero calorie beverage or bottled water (many of these taste better than tap water, especially if the tap water where you live isn’t that good).

2 thoughts on “Control Your Appetite with this Weight-loss Elixir”

  1. I love water. And yet, somehow, I still tend to forget how helpful it is in assisting weight loss!
    Thanks for reminding me what a powerful (free!) tool I’ve got at my fingertips, 24/7. 🙂

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