Is Your Fat Stressed Out?

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I’ve seen many people grab their excess fat tissue on their abs, thighs, hips and even butt to show me what they want to lose. They often view fat as just dead weight that sits there and doesn’t do anything. I only wish that was the case. Unfortunately, fat tissue is very active…but not in a good way.

A recent study shed a little more light on just how dysfunctional fat tissue is (though this research still has quite a way to go to nail down some of the details). In this particular study, researchers examined biochemical pathways in abdominal fat in lean and obese people. In the obese people they found that particular compounds were more prevalent. These compounds increase inflammation and miscommunicate with other cells leading to insulin resistance, increased metabolic syndrome risk factors and a host of other problems. More abdominal fat = increased signaling pathway malfunctioning = increased cardiovascular risk factors.
A 6-pack is great to look at but, it’s time to start looking at your ab area in a completely different way. A “beer” gut is more than just unattractive, it is likely to increase your risk of cardiovascular disease. And, on a daily basis that fat tissue is active. It’s mad, it’s stressed out and inflammed – all of which cause it to malfunction in a variety of ways, some of which scientists are still discovering.
Reference: J Clin Endocrin Metab 2009;94: 2507-2515.

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