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Is Saturated Fat Good for You?

Though largely driven by misinterpretation of the science and cherry-picked population studies, the “Butter is Back” movement comes with very persuasive sound bites followed by arrogant punctuation marks. No wonder so many people hopped on board the bandwagon while looking back, pointing fingers and shouting “health professionals have been misleading us for decades!” Yet the flawed reasoning behind the pro-saturated fat movement comes with …

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Feast on Fish for Your Heart

By Collier Perno If you’re among the 60% of Americans with elevated blood pressure I’m sure you’ve heard your doctors say these things: “lower your sodium intake,” “increase your physical activity,” and “decrease your alcohol consumption.” While these are all great recommendations, new research has shows there is an alternative treatment that may be even better at lowering blood pressure: …

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Cheerios: Food or Drug?

The past few days people have been cracking jokes that the FDA found time to slap General Mills for it’s heart health claim on Cheerios. I’ve heard people comment about the fact that consumers should know the difference between a food and a drug and doesn’t the FDA have better things to do? Well, actually it isn’t that simple in …

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The Best Drink for Heart Health

What do people who have low rates of cardiovascular disease drink? Red wine? Nope. Skim milk? No. Water? No. They reach for tea. Black, white, green or oolong tea. Tea is loaded with antioxidant flavonoids that are beneficial for healthy blood vessels. Tea supports cardiovascular health through other mechanisms as well, including: – tea provides antioxidants that help keep inflammatory markers under …

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Trans Fat Alternatives

The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI; aka the food & beverage police) are against banning trans fats from foods. In fact, they indicate that banning them “could be more harmful from a public health perspective.” Instead they favor a gradual phasing out of trans fats. How would a gradual phase out be more beneficial than an outright …

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