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Are you looking to change your physique and maximize your athletic performance? We can help. Marie Spano has worked with athletes of all ages and ability levels.

Ms. Spano works with clients throughout the U.S. and abroad via phone and internet. Online coaching is a very effective way to achieve your goals with continued support and follow-up. Contact us to find out more.


Marie was a great nutritionist that allowed me to rebuild my body after a long college season. Our plan that she laid out for me allowed me to quickly transition into pro day / Combine training. There were a couple of problems that I was having with my body at the time and we were able to come up with a plan to help relieve the pain. Marie also helped me improve my eating habits while training to maintain my weight but lose fat and build muscle. We were able to come up with foods within my plan that allowed me to do just that. Overall Marie helped me improve in multiple areas become a better player on the field and in the weight room and allowed my body to feel brand new and perform well on pro day.

– Nikita Whitlock, FB, Wake Forest University (2013), Cincinnati Bengals (2013-2014), New York Giants (2014 –
Marie was excellent to work with. I’m a relatively picky eater and she was able to tailor a plan around what I eat. During my nine weeks of training leading up to my pro day I gained 10 lbs while maintaining my body fat %. Since my pro day I’ve been able to continue to eat healthy and have made strides to improve as a football player.

– Brian Mihalik, Boston College (2015), Philadelphia Eagles (2015 – )


Marie was integral part of my preparation for my pro day unlike many of my counterparts I had to make a position switch going into the NFL. During my collegiate carrier I played defensive tackle but because of my height 5’10 I made the switch to Fullback. This change forced me to completely transfigure by body. I trained in Atlanta with the Chip Smith family there I me Marie Spano. we sat down and I explained that in need to lose between 15 to 20 pounds while maintaining my strength and explosiveness. a few days later she handed me a plan and also joined me shopping to make sure that the foods I was buying fit the plan. Marie also help me with my dissertation for my nutrition course that I was finishing up needless to say she is not only a great nutritionist but a great person that will help you in any way she can. through my time working with her I learned many more then I hope much of which I still practice today. when it was all said and done I lost a total of 23 pounds going from 268 to 245 and lost 5% body fat all while increasing strength and speed. to this day I call Marie for advice on my diet and she is always helpful.

– Darius Kilgo, University of Maryland (2015), Denver Broncos (2015 – )


Working with Marie has been a life changing experience. My body feels so much better because she has opened my eyes to the importance of nutrition and diet. I can endure much harder workouts and feel better than ever. That goes a long way because a happy body works more efficiently. From energy gummies before the workout to making sure I get the right types of protein in my body post-workout for recovery, Marie has done a great job helping not just me, but all my fellow workout partners better our chances to become professional athletes. Thank you Marie.

– Issac J. Blakeney, Duke University Trinity (2014), San Francisco 49ers (2015 – )


I met Marie down in Norcross, GA as I began my NFL combine/Pro Day training at Chip Smith Performance Systems. From day one we sat down wrote out a plan, and my goal was to gain good weight and muscle. With Marie’s guidance I gained 16 pounds in 4 weeks, and my body fat percentage went down. I came to Atlanta wanting to do whatever I needed to get my body in the best shape and I never had the privilege to work with a personal nutritionist before. Overall I can’t thank Marie enough for her help and guidance, because my body is in the best shape it has ever been. I always prided myself on being 300 lbs and still looking good, and Marie has me looking better than ever, 300 lbs lean and mean.

– Arthur Ray, Michigan State (2012), Fort Lewis College


First I wanna thank the Lord for putting Marie in my life. She had a major influence on my life, the things she taught me about my health, nutrition, and how important it is to get the proper hours of sleep. All of these are so important to performance, things I didn’t know mattered so much. Now when I grocery shop I read everything to make sure it has the proper protein and nutrition as needed. Marie helped me put on almost 20 pounds in 5 weeks, which gave a small school division 2 football player a fighting chance at the next level, I can not thank her enough for her commitment to me as my nutritionist, and for being a great friend. Thank you!

– Jeff Knox, California University of Pennsylvania (2015), Saskatchewan Roughriders (2015 – )


Much like all the other successful collegiate football players, after my final bowl game I started to realize how man dreams and goals had moved on. No longer was I dreaming to play college football and fighting to make a name for myself on that level. Now it was preparing to make the jump to the NFL a dream I have had since childhood but yet never actually comprehended that I could actually make it. Before I knew it I was training in Atlanta with the Chip Smith family along with other hopefuls all chasing the same dream. Another person I met along the way was Mrs. Marie Spano. She was the nutritionist assigned to basically make sure I was able to maximize my training with Chip through dietary means. She changed how I eat, how I think, and even how I sleep. Things that I still practice todays after I’ve already taken more steps to realizing my dreams. During this process we noticed some disturbing trends about my health. Even though I was going through intensive training my body wasn’t responding as much as we had hope. I felt alright but I wasn’t losing weight at all even putting on a pound or two. I had crazy weight swings such as losing 7 pounds over 3 days then gaining 10 over the next 4 days. It was really frustrating as I knew I was putting in the work but to no avail. Starting my training at 345 lb. I needed to be under 335 lb. by pro day but wanted to be closer to 325 lb. By studying up on my family’s medical history she discovered some underlying symptoms that were holding me back. Something I myself had not even known or thought about even though I had been struggling with my weight since starting my football career at Clemson University. After talking to other nutritionist and strength/conditioning coaches I still never cross this path of thinking about my body and health. Unfortunately before I got to where I am now my path to the big leagues took a drastic turn from everyone else. I discovered that I had a herniated disk in my lower back that was going to need a surgical process. Until then training was not on my table anymore as I could barely move let along work out. What this did mean though was that I had to finish my body transition without it. Even though with all the information we had unveiled I was still sitting at 338 lb. and knew I could do better. With surgery being inevitable, Marie and I devised a plan that I would live and die by. Obviously she knew what she was doing so it was up to me to actually follow the plan. I completely changed my diet and sleep schedule to cope with my loss of physical activity. I had a couple weeks before my pro day where I would be judged in a one hit process. Sure others may have bad measurables but they would have the chance to prove themselves on the field running through drills and being coached but not me. I would do the interview and get measured and that was it. I had to impress. After a couple more weeks of following the Marie Plan my time came to try to impress. My height checked out fine and my hands and wingspans were okay but that’s not what the scout wanted to see. As I walked into the room full of scouts and stepped on the scale I huge sigh of relief came out behind the echo of my coaches “325.2 lb.” statement. I had made the goals we set even through all of the setbacks and I couldn’t be happier as I heard the scouts begin to talk amongst themselves. I had left a mark the only way I could have and all-in-all it would of never happened without Mrs. Marie.

– Kalon Davis, Clemson University (2015)

In the year 2014 I have had the opportunity to enter the NFL Draft. After selecting my agent and determining where to train I had certain goals in mind that I needed to meet. My first goal was to get in the best shape as possible for the Senior Bowl January 26,2014. Being that getting in the best shape of my life was my number one goal, i also had to answer questions from general mangers and scouts. Could I control my weight? Going into college after doing a post grad year at Fork Union Military Academy i played my freshman year at 350. In the eyes of NFL teams that raised red flags. Finishing my senior year at the university of Virginia at 335 was the lightest i have been in my amateur career. The first step of this challenge was to get out to Atlanta with Chip Smith and Marie Spano to set up a plan. Arriving at Chip Smith’s facility we set that plan,which was to lose weight but maintain the mass of an offensive lineman . This plan was to get me as lean as possible. Together as a team we cut all the fatty foods out, sugary drinks and late night snacks. Just in a couple of weeks of training and proper eating I went to the Senior Bowl at 319. I was headed in the right direction and it definitely please teams around the league. Now for me it was my duty to take what I learned in the weeks of training and implement that on the field of play. It took me a day to get adjusted on the field with the new weight but sooner rather than later I was back on my feet playing the way I wanted to. Soon after the Senior Bowl I had another task which was Pro Day. All thirty-two teams presented themselves. Although I did not participate in the Bench press my numbers of weighing in at 311 was even better. With a broad jump of 9’11 and a forty yard dash of 4.99 exceeded the number i put up at the NFL Combine. The journey I took and the results that came with it put me in the position to not Just get Drafted but to get drafted in the 3rd round pick 66.

– Morgan Moses, University of Virginia (2014), Washington Redskins (2014 – )


I started working with Marie Spano in 2014 post my final season of college football at Clemson University. While at Clemson I always had a very difficult time at gaining weight. I was always under sized and even though I played at 175 for a couple of years there I was never satisfied with my size. I attending Clemson at 165 and left at 175. Post college season I started training for the NFL and over a 4-6 week span I got up to 182 lbs of healthy body mass. I turned all heads at my NFL pro day allowing me to have the opportunity to play on the next level. I signed a 3 year NFL contract and I have been working with Marie since! I love Marie and thankful for everything as she has contributed to my well being and my ability to play ball. At 5’10 3/4 I’m not the tallest but one thing I can say is that her knowledge on Nutrition put me in position to perform well. She’s the best, literally! Thanks for all your support and help!

– Darius A. Robinson, CB, Clemson University (2014), Buffalo Bills (2014)


Marie Spano is nothing short of amazing. She is extremely knowledgeable in the field of nutrition and knows just what an athlete needs to obtain his/ her goals on and off the field. She is available 24/7 whether I am in the grocery store or at my training facility, I can always run supplements or ideas by her and count on a quick response. I can honestly say Marie has been an instrumental part of my overall success!

– Kenny Anunike, DE, Duke University (2014), Denver Broncos (2014 – )
“Marie has given me the knowledge to completely transform my body into everything I could have possibly wanted and needed. She has shown me how to cut fat and gain muscle in the most efficient ways. Her dedication and passion for nutrition and health has allowed me to become as lean yet as strong as possible. Marie and I still work together to ensure that I am doing everything possible to excel in my nfl career. Without Marie I truly don’t believe that I would be as healthy and as fit as I am today.”

– Andre Smith, TE, Chicago Bears (2011), Indianapolis Colts (2012), Dallas Cowboys (2012-2013), Cleveland Browns (2013).


Working with Marie Spano was an absolute pleasure. Not only does she know her stuff more than anyone I’ve ever consulted with, but she goes above and beyond to help her clients achieve goals. I have worked with other nutritionists before, but none had the same knowledge of food and supplements that Marie has. Her willingness to experiment and research for each individual really impressed me. I would recommend her to anyone that is serious about their body. I was able to trim almost seven percent body fat in just eight weeks working with Marie! She is truly the best out there.

– Michael Hoag, OL, Wake Forest University Class of 2012