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In Search of the Perfect Diet

I am running into more and more nutrition purists. People who think their approach to eating is absolutely perfect, free from all harmful substances, and better than any other approach to nutrition. The purist sits across from me, preaching about GMOs, pesticides, carbohydrates, gluten, processed foods and salt, talking at warp speed only to take a breather so they can sip on their organic greens drink (mixed into pH balanced water of course). Meanwhile, deep from within their soul I …

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Why “Avoid Processed Foods” is Bad Advice

Countless internet blogs preach about the dangers of processed food, how eating a diet with processed food will make you gain weight and your health will suffer. Yet anyone who writes this nonsense doesn’t understand the real definition of processed foods (and I bet large sums of money they eat many processed foods) and the benefits they provide. A processed food is “any food other than a raw agricultural commodity (“food that is in its raw or natural state, including all fruits …

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Is Processed Food Evil?

As a dietitian, I can’t count the number of times people have come up to me telling me all about their new found nutrition miracle knowledge. From fad diets to fat burning pills, I have heard everything that can fit into a category I call “Hope in a Bottle or Book.” Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge believer in food and the efficacious use of dietary supplements for disease prevention (not to mention of course athletic performance and …

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