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Is Dairy Causing Your Stomach Discomfort?

Stomach discomfort is incredibly common and at times, difficult to figure out. However,  there are a few simple steps you can take to help you get to the root cause of your digestive distress. And, if you think dairy is the culprit, it is very important to figure out if dairy is indeed problematic and if so, what aspect of dairy is causing your issues. By doing this you will not unnecessarily remove foods, and therefore nutrients, from your diet. …

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Got Lactose Intolerance?

Does your stomach hurt if you eat a tiny bit of cheese or ice cream?  If so, you probably came to the conclusion that you are intolerant to lactose – the sugar in dairy products. However, even if you have accurately diagnosed yourself, there’s no need to completely toss dairy products out in favor of dairy alternatives. A well written post by Judith Jarvis clears up some of the confusion on lactose intolerance.  Jarvis discusses the results from a new …

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