Freelance Writer

I enjoy the challenge of writing for a wide variety of audiences across different formats – including business reports, trade publications, popular press magazines, blogs, books, press releases and marketing materials.

Here are some of the articles, reports and chapters I’ve written:


Currently working on a textbook for Human Kinetics Publishers (2015-).

Co-Editor of NSCA’s Guide to Sport and Exercise Nutrition. February 2011. Human Kinetics Publishers.

Book Chapters

Campbell W, Spano M. Foods and Fluids for Training and Sports Performance. In NSCA’s Professional’s Guide to Nutrition. Human Kinetics Publishers, Champaign, IL. Publication date: January 2011.

Spano M. Nutritional Needs Analysis. In NSCA’s Professional’s Guide to Nutrition. Human Kinetics Publishers, Champaign, IL. Publication date: January 2011.

Spano M. Special Needs of Youth, Women, and the Elderly. In Essentials of Sports Nutrition and Supplements. Humana Press, 2008.

Spano M. Future Trends: Nutritional Supplements. In Nutritional Supplements in Sports and Exercise. Humana Press, 2008.

Magazine Articles (*not up to date)

How Nutrition May Play a Role in Concussion Therapy. The Challenge. Brain Injury Association of America 2016,10(1). Link to Article.


Low Fat Diets Don’t Work. FitnessRx for Women. Publication date: 2016.

The Red Meat Dilemma. FitnessRx for Women (or Men). Publication date: 2016.

The Low Carbohydrate Ketogenic Diet. FitnessRx for Women. December 2015.

The Miracle Powers of Coffee. FitnessRx for Women. 2015.

Benefits of Beets. FitnessRx for Women. 2015.

The 2015 Dietary Guidelines. FitnessRx for Women. 2015.

Insulin and Obesity. FitnessRx for Women. 2015.

Snake Oil: Truth and Fat-loss Fallacies of Coconut Oil. FitnessRx for Women. 2015.

Technical and Trade Publication Articles

* I am generating this list and will update this section soon

Business Reports

Spano M. The Future of Senior Nutrition: Key Ingredients, Strategic issues and targeted opportunities for older consumers. Business Insights. November 10, 2009. 137 page report.

Peer Reviewed Journal Publications

Spano M. Functional Foods, Beverages, and Ingredients in Athletics. Strength Cond J 2010;32(1):79-86.

Goldstein ER, Ziegenfuss T, Kalman D, Kreider R, Campbell B, Wilborn C, Taylor L, Willoughby D, Stout J, Graves BS, Wildman R, Ivy JL, Spano M, Smith AE, Antonio J. International society of sports nutrition position stand: caffeine and performance. J Int Soc Sports Nutr 2010;7(1):5.

Kreider RB, Wilborn CD, Taylor L, Campbell B, Almada AL, Collins R, Cooke M, Earnest CP, Greenwood M, Kalman DS, Kerksick CM, Kleiner SM, Leutholtz B, Lopez H, Lowery LM, Mendel R, Smith A, Spano M, Wildman R, Willoughby DS, Ziegenfuss TN, Antonio J. ISSN exercise & sport nutrition review: research & recommendations. J Int Soc Sports Nutr 2010;7:7.

Spano M. Cooking with herbs & spices. More flavor, better health. Diabetes Self Manag 2009;26(1):12, 14-6, 19.

Spano M. Diabetes quiz. How much do you know about vitamin D? Diabetes Self Manag 2008;25(1):82, 85.

Buford TW, Kreider RB, Stout JR, Greenwood M, Campbell B, Spano M, Ziegenfuss T, Lopez H, Landis J, Antonio J. International Society of Sports Nutrition position stand: creatine supplementation and exercise. J Int Soc Sports Nutr 2007, 4:6.

Spano M, Kerksick C. Steak or potatoes? Choosing the macronutrient composition of your diet.

Diabetes Self Manag 2007 Jul-Aug;24(4):43-4, 46, 48-50.

Spano M. Biking 101. Diabetes Self Manag 2006;23(6):52-4, 57-8. 

Spano M. Sweet substitutes. An update. Diabetes Self Manag 2006;23(2):11-16.

Spano M, co-editor: Position of the American Dietetic Association: Use of Nutritive and Nonnutritive Sweeteners. J Am Diet Assoc 2004.

Smith JM, Spano M, McCurley C, Whitcomb RC, Miller CW. Results of a roundtable on hospital management of mass casualties from a radiological incident. Health Physics 2003;84(6): S202-S202 Suppl. 2.

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Evans EM, Saunders MJ, Spano MA, Arngrimmsson SA, Lewis RD, Cureton KJ. Effects of diet and exercise on the density and composition of the fat-free mass in obese women. Med Sci Sports Exer 1999;31(12):1778-87.

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