Intuitive Eating vs. Counting Calories?

I’ve seen many dietitians decide between using intuitive eating and counting calories with their clients.  Intuitive eating, coined by dietitian Evelyn Tribole, means separating the emotional and physical aspects of food and learning to eat entirely on physiological hunger and satiety cues (read this article for more information: Counting calories means, well, counting calories (food logs etc. – see previous post from a few days ago).  However, I view the two as not mutually exclusive.  When it comes to …

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Super Bowl Sunday

I am pumped up about Sunday’s game. And no, I’m not the die-hard football fan that my brother-in-law is. But, I am excited about watching the game in good company and cheering on an athlete I worked with when he was a college standout (a stellar Steeler and all around phenomenal person). As a dietitian I realize many people also get pumped up because football is an excuse to drink beer and eat fried food, chips and more fried food. …

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Eating out and Your Weight

Now that I’ve sold you (or at the very least you are in the precontemplation stage) on keeping a food diary/log, you are probably going to tell me that you eat out all of the time right?  Sure, you can keep a food log when traveling  but you may have no clue what is in that delicious creamy dish you are devouring.  Wonder no longer.  Dr. Jo, a dietitian who specializes in dining healthy when dining out, created an entire …

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Keeping Track of your Food Intake

Yesterday I discussed how important it is to keep track of your food intake if you want to lose weight.  The money experts tell you that it is wise to figure out where your money is going if you want to make sure that it isn’t going to steep credit card interest payments.  Well, I am telling you the same thing with food.  If you have trouble losing weight or maintaining your weight loss, you need to take a better …

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Is losing weight one of your New Year’s Resolutions?

 If weight loss was one of the resolutions you committed to on January 1, 2009, by now you should have made some progress.  That progress could be weight loss, behavior change or a combination of the two.  If you don’t feel like you are making progress though, it is time to take a step back and ask yourself why you haven’t.  As a dietitian I’ve heard literally every excuse in the book but it really comes down to priorities.  If …

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Where’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

It is now Friday, January 23rd.  Where are your New Year’s resolution or resolutions?  If you can’t answer that question, it’s time to re-visit the written (or typed) list you made 3 or more weeks ago.  Once you pull that out and put it in front of your eyes, you can assess how much progress you’ve made.  If you are falling short, don’t wait until Monday or Feb. 1 or exactly 3 months out from your beach trip or some …

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