Keeping Track of your Food Intake

Yesterday I discussed how important it is to keep track of your food intake if you want to lose weight.  The money experts tell you that it is wise to figure out where your money is going if you want to make sure that it isn’t going to steep credit card interest payments.  Well, I am telling you the same thing with food.  If you have trouble losing weight or maintaining your weight loss, you need to take a better look at what you are eating and how you are exercising.  Here are some of the internet-based tools (many are free) that you can use to do this: (just $9.99 from itunes for your iphone and ipod)
Most of these (if not all) analyze your intake as well, so they’ll tally your calorie intake, macronutrient intake and sometimes even your vitamin and mineral intake.  Sometimes it takes an easy tool to bring you lasting results.

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